How to choose the best running shoes for beginners

What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Pair of Running Sneakers

Running is a good sport and a great way of keeping fit and losing weight. It is much more intense than jogging as it requires much effort and strength so it is important to have the right kind of shoes that are suited for your running style and body type.

Before getting your first pair of running shoes, ask yourself the following questions:

Distance & Terrain

How far do you want to run, i.e. miles. The distance determines the cushioning of the shoe so as to provide comfort which makes running much easier and enjoyable.

The terrain, i.e. on the road or off road – shoes are designed for trails and tracks and all offer a good grip which keeps your feet secure no matter the running surface.

What type of foot arches do you have? Image credit: Sale Asics

Running Style

What is your pronation which describes how your foot rolls inward as you run? If your foot overpronates which means that it rolls inward so far, then you will need a shoe that helps correct the running while offering support all the way.

The shape of your foot and the type of arch you have. There are high, medium and low arch and this shows what kind of shoe is best for your feet.

Where to Buy

As a beginner, you should consider the following when buying your running shoes:

Go to a shoe store that specializes in running shoes because this is where you will get the specific shoe that is meant for running only. Go to a store that has knowledgeable staff who will guide you in choosing the right shoe.

Type of Shoe

Try out a number of shoes with different features, i.e. from light and flexible ones to heavily cushioned ones and from different brands too. The best shoe that you should pick should be the one that feels comfortable when running not when you are standing still.

The shoe width and length matters, and they vary from brand to brand so aim to get a shoe that fits comfortably from the heel to midfoot without squeezing the forefoot excessively. A shoe is narrow if the big toe pushes inward into the second toe or you can’t wiggle the toe up and down or spread it. Your foot should be able to move from side to side in the forefront of the shoe without crossing to the insole edge.

The flex of the shoe is important too because it should flex at the same point your foot flexes. To test this, hold the heel of the shoe and press the tip on the floor and the shoe will show where it creases and bends. Lack of flexibility leads to calf strain or Achilles’ tendon while improperly aligned flex leads to plantar fasciitis or arch pain.

Brooks GTS 17 Running Shoe. Image credit:

The shoe type matters and it refers to how much the shoe will control or correct your feet. Stability shoes are best for people with a normal arch and help correct feet with mild pronation. A motion control shoe is best for runners with moderate to severe pronation and helps limit the amount the foot rolls. The cushioned or neutral shoes are best for people who don’t roll much and they are light.

Get a shoe that meets all the features of your preferred shoe and this will ensure that you aren’t uncomfortable as you run and will not wear out faster. It is worth to invest in a good pair of shoe that is long lasting and comfortable and will serve you for several miles before replacing it.

The heel of the shoe should fit well but not tightly and you should be able to slide your feet out when the laces are not tied. The shoe that you chose should have a half an inch space between the longest toe and shoe so that it accommodates the feet when they swell and lengthen.

Choose to start your running career in a mid-range running shoe that gives good flexibility and you are able to feel the ground. A good example would be Brooks running shoes which are very well priced, extremely popular with runners and are very comfortable and durable.

Test jog while wearing the shoes to make sure the shoes fit well and are working for you. A good shoe should not try to alter your stride, but should support and complement you when you are wearing the shoe.

Common Pitfalls

Some of the common things that you should avoid while buying shoes include:

Don’t buy shoes in the morning rather late in the evening because the feet will be swollen. Don’t ever assume your size or even use your current shoe size to buy a new shoe. Different shoe brands have different fittings, so have your feet measured and fit each shoe that you intend to buy.

Don’t go for looks or what is in fashion, but choose a shoe that fits and is comfortable.

Don’t buy shoes that are too small or tightly fit as they will cause blisters and black toenails.

How to build a console table with MDF boards

Take your creative skills to the next level with a DIY MDF project

Console tables are a popular piece of furniture as they make good use of wall space, while also looking aesthetically pleasing in their simplicity. Console tables are great to place decorative items and picture frames, as well as to store things on the lower shelves.

A console table is relatively simple to build. It can in fact be your next DIY project. Besides, if you have some basic woodworking skills it will be even simpler. Having said that, you can try this project out even if you have never built anything before because you can go for a simple design. You can build a console table by using MDF boards cut to size. It is surely the most affordable way to have a piece of furniture to fill up that empty wall space that has been nagging you for some time. Let us outline how to go about it.

MDF Console Table Template. Image credit: Addicted to Decorating
MDF Console Table Template. Image credit: Addicted to Decorating

First off, you will need to decide on the size of your console table. This will depend on the wall space that you have. Based on this, decide on the most suitable dimensions to apply, and mark them on a plan or a sketch of your table.

You can then start by cutting the different parts of the table. Cut the top of the table, the legs, and the shelves that you may wish to include in the lower part. Since MDF is not that thick, make sure to pick the thickest 18mm variety or better, and you may still wish to consider gluing two boards together. The finished panel will need to have a runner attached to its bottom part. In that way with a cleat at the back you will be better able to get a solid result.

Firstly, cut the legs using a band saw or a jigsaw with a light-toothed blade. Make sure to consider the length of the legs. Console tables do not have to be neither too low nor too high up, and you need to choose a suitable height. Mortises in the legs can be made using a router table. Then, make the tenons for the mortises.

Sanding is a very important part of such a project. Make sure to use a light sandpaper to sand well, especially the parts that were cut.

The legs can then be glued to the base. Gluing a triangular support block at the top of each leg will help to strengthen the leg as well as enabling a more flush result when fixing them to the top. Then, the top can be more sturdily attached using fasteners. Put the table top upside down so as to be better able to set the base into the proper position. Once the base is lined up screw it to the top through the fasteners. Make sure to use screws that are of the right length so as to avoid having them show on the upper part of the top.

Painting is obviously an important part of this project. More than one coating is recommended – if you can, use a paint sprayer for a smoother and neater finish. It is normal to end up with parts that look a bit rougher, even if you sanded as well as you possibly could. The reason is that surfaces that had been sanded are going to rough up more once they are painted when compared to the original smooth surface of the MDF board. In such cases you can apply the rounding-over cutter along the corners, especially in the case of the table’s legs.

White Console Table. Image credit: Pic Click
White Console Table. Image credit: Pic Click

Adding a shelf, or even more than one in the lower part of the console table, is obviously optional. However there is no doubt that if you can do it, you will be able to benefit from more space where to place decorative items or simply store away things onto it. The main issue with including a shelf, or shelves, to your console table is that you will need to make sure that the table’s legs are not too thin to hold the additional boards in that area. This is because these will need to be attached to them. So, you will need to consider this in advance because if you would like one or more shelves, you will need to make sure that the table’s sides/legs are sturdy enough. When screwing the legs to the underside of the top, you will also need to add glue and pin the shelf into place by putting pins through each of the legs. You will also need to full up the holes with filler before painting. It is recommended that you apply a coating of clear glaze so as to improve the wearing ability of the paint’s surface.

How to Observe Mars for Beginners

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see the planet Mars from your backyard as it appears in this Hubble image? Sure, it would, but even though Mars is the only planet that reveals surface details in amateur telescopes, it is a small planet located a very long way away, which can sometimes make it a challenging affair to discern any surface detail at all. Nonetheless, despite the occasional difficulties in resolving surface details, it is possible to obtain stunning views of the red planet, and here is how to do it.

Image credit: Hubble Space Telescope

Finding Mars

Mars is not particularly difficult to find because like the other planets, it lies close to the ecliptic, which among other things, represents the plane of the solar system. However, since the ecliptic is inclined with respect to the celestial equator (which corresponds to the earth’s equator), by 23.5 degrees, the location of an observer on Earth plays a major part on how high above the horizon Mars, or any other planet, will culminate, or be seen to rise. In practice, the further north of the equator an observer is, the lower above the horizon Mars will be at its highest elevation at the midpoint between rising and setting.

Moreover, since Mars orbits the Sun once every 687 days, there inevitably comes a time that it approaches the Sun as seen from our perspective. As Mars approaches the Sun, it sets progressively earlier after sunset, until it re-emerges from behind the Sun (from our perspective), to rise again as an early morning, pre-dawn object. This is of course a gross oversimplification of Mars’ orbital motion, but it serves to illustrate the point that the planet is sometimes not visible.

There are many online resources that list the position of Mars on any given date, and it is recommended that novice observers familiarize themselves with the planets’ periods of visibility. Nevertheless, even when Mars is visible, there are times when it is closer to Earth than at other times, and it is during the latter moments, called “opposition” when the best views of the planet can be had.

Image credit: Astronomy Magazine
Image credit: Astronomy Magazine

The image above illustrates this very clearly. Opposition occurs when Mars is at its point of closet approach to Earth, but because neither Earth’s, nor Mars’ obits are perfectly circular, or concentric with respect to each other, the actual distance between the two bodies at any given opposition can vary considerably: the image above shows the actual distance between Earth and Mars at opposition on the dates shown.

One more complicating factor that influences how well Mars can be seen is the fact that the planets’ disc is fully illuminated only at opposition. At other times (before and after opposition), a part of the disc is in shadow, meaning that the phase, or illuminated portion of the disc changes all the time, albeit at longer intervals than happens on the Moon.

Seeing Mars at it’s best

While any telescope can deliver views of Mars, the general rule is that the bigger the instrument, the better the view, since bigger instruments gather more light. However, atmospheric conditions can play havoc with even the biggest instruments, meaning that seeing conditions must be good, and the planet must be as high above the murk of the atmosphere close to the horizon as possible to get the best views.

Assuming then that seeing conditions are excellent, and that Mars is at its highest elevation above the horizon, (which happens late at night), a refracting telescope of minimum 4 inches, or a reflecting instrument of at least 6 inches aperture will resolve the planets’ phase, as well as features like the very bright polar ice caps, and colour variations on the surface.

However, telescopic views of Mars can be greatly enhanced by using suitable filters to block out light frequencies that either absorb, or scatter light from Mars gathered by the telescope. For instance, an orange filter such as a Wratten #25 filter will enhance the subtle difference in surface colours if you are using a relatively small instrument, while a red filter in the eyepiece will do the same on large instruments. Similarly, using a pale blue filter on both big and small instruments will accentuate the polar ice caps and some types of white clouds.

Moreover, regardless of the telescope aperture you need large magnifications for the best results- typically upwards of 175×. However, it must be remembered that no matter how good the seeing conditions are, or how expensive the equipment you use, no view of Mars through amateur equipment can ever come close to photographic views, since cameras capture light in ways that human vision cannot. The image below shows a view of Mars through a 6-inch refracting telescope, but bear in mind that this image had been somewhat enhanced by the photographic process.

Much of the surface colour contrast shown here is not visible to human vision through a telescope, but some experimentation with filters and magnification might produce views that come close to this excellent amateur picture, especially in large instruments.

Image credit:
Image credit:

What to see on Mars

While a 4-inch refractor or 6-inch reflecting instrument will show subtle albedo (colour) variations on the Martian surface, 6-, and 8-inch reflectors will reveal cloud structures in the planet’s atmosphere, of which there are several types. Below are some details-

Discrete clouds

This type of cloud tends to persist in one particular area as the planet rotates. Most cloud structures of this type occur in the Martian northern hemisphere during spring and summer there, and these clouds are best viewed through pale blue filters.

Orographic clouds

Clouds of this type consist of water ice, and they are formed at different levels in the Martian atmosphere as winds pass over high mountain peaks and the tops of high volcanoes. Orographic clouds at high altitudes are best seen through pale blue of violet filters, while low-level orographic clouds are best seen through various shades of green filters.

Morning and evening clouds

Morning clouds form much like, and for the same reasons, that fog forms on Earth. Note however that morning clouds usually only lasts for a few hours after Martian sunrise, while evening cloud structures are usually larger, and form as Martian night approaches.

One more thing

When viewing Mars, some light pollution might actually work in your favour. For instance, a white light off to the side will have the effect of activating your daytime vision, which is significantly superior to your night vision in both colour sensitivity and resolution.

Arboriculture Consultancy: What It Means & How It Works

Protecting & preserving our country’s trees

Arboriculture consultancy is a very interesting field. It basically revolves around dealing with environmental and arboricultural impact assessments in relation with the various developments and construction works that need to be carried out in Kent and various other places. Arborist consultants focus primarily on the cultivation, preservation and management of trees – along with arboricultural impact assessments, with the main aim to protect trees which are indispensable for our health and for the environment around us.

It is important to hire specialists who provide ecological as well as arboricultural assessments and evaluations. With the relevant environmental monitoring experience and equipment, such specialists can help you to develop proper monitoring and evaluation procedures so as to be in compliance with the rules and regulations in the area, as well as with any sustainability credentials.

Tree Girth Measurement. Image credit: Wikipedia
Tree Girth Measurement. Image credit: Wikipedia

Such companies offer arboriculture consultancy, tree surveys and comprehensive assistance for environmental assessment, monitoring and evaluation. These companies also carry out site surveys and specialized soil surveys when forestry and arboriculture issues come into play. They also offer expert soil conservation guidance which is critical for arboricultural issues.

Arboricultural consultancy has evolved considerably. Over the years it has been noticed that basement extensions have become quite popular in Kent, however these are constrained by the fact that there are a number of mature trees present. These could be in private gardens or even in the streets. This is one case where professional assistance becomes of the essence. Generally such specialists will start off by carrying out tree surveys and prepare arboricultural impact assessments. They try to make sure that tree protection plans are ideal and strike the right balance between the conservation of the trees and the possible development. Arboricultural specialists work closely with architects so as to try to find feasible solutions for clients so that the development can proceed while retaining the trees. In depth soil and arboricultural expertise are critical to manage to come up with solutions in this field.

Another area where arboricultural consultancy is important is for tree health surveillance. Developing and monitoring tree health surveillance systems is of utmost importance especially when it comes to detecting any pests or diseases which might be damaging the trees. Such consultants will also offer integrated forest monitoring services and are often responsible for environmental monitoring in various British forests. There are various forest ecosystems, and consultants will let you know how to best respond to climate changes and atmospheric pollution.

If you need such services you need to make sure that you hire consultants who can offer thorough arboriculture evaluations so as to provide the reports you need for proper planning and development. They also cater for health and safety tree assessments. This helps our clients to properly manage and understand any risks to, and from the trees that are on their land. The impact of trees on properties is often not given enough importance by home buyers and investors, but in reality it is something that needs to be considered carefully.

Arborist. Image credit: Wikimedia
Arborist. Image credit: Wikimedia

When a consultant prepares a tree report he will use his knowledge as well as the latest technology. With a tree report prepared by a professional arboricultural consultant you may rest assured that your planning permission can be expedited as it will be much easier to make the necessary arrangements with the development companies, the planning authorities and the architects.

These reports are a must, and with arboricultural consultancy services you will not have to worry about anything at all as all the relevant matters will be taken into consideration. With professional drawings, tree schedule detailing the dimensions and the quality of the trees on the particular site, and their respective arboricultural constraints, you will have an initial tree constraint plan, which will then be followed by an arboricultural impact assessment. With professional help you will be offering proof to the local authority that you understand the possible impacts and are considering how to best go about it so as to avoid any negative impacts arising from your development proposal. With such help you will be able to come up with the most suitable course of action and continue with the development or project that you have in mind. Thus arboriculture assessments should be viewed as a supporting partner not as a constraining aspect of the possible development proposal.

6 Amazing Trends Recommended by the Best Interior Designers

Let’s face it – every homeowner nowadays wants a home that stands out and is tailored to his own choices and personal preferences. Achieving this in the right perspective is very important. However, interior designers are the people that help to make most of your budget in this manner. We all know that not all budgets are the same – and not many people can invest a lot in professional interior design advice for their home or business.

However, today, we are unleashing some of the ideas that are commonly used by interior designers that really work. So, what are the top interior design trends for 2016?

1. Invest in New Elements

Although luxury refurbishments are a great idea, investing in brand new modern and sleek elements makes sure that your house gets the uniform look you want. From fresh paints to amazing furniture ideas, residential architecture is booming currently. The best style to stick to is the contemporary one – as recommended by the best interior designers.

2. Choosing the Right Window Dressings

Windows have always been important, and without a proper decor – they are only square pieces of glass. Curtains are easily the most visible fabric in every room, and their popularity has come back again. So, if you need to refresh your bedroom for example, you can try a mint wall paint and curtains in the same colour.

On the exterior, window shutters are an amazing low cost option that adds character to the property’s kerb appeal and can really help your home “pop” from the street.

3. Tweak the Lighting

Good lighting is a must in every room. LED Lighting is a very popular trend nowadays – as it saves money in terms of energy usage plus it comes with remarkably good quality.

In reality, nothing works better for any room than good lighting, and it can be the single most essential factor that changes the space in a room. Most of the interior designers give priority to lighting and play with the tones of lights and how each of them creates a new kind of appeal.

Warm lights and pendant lamps are among the biggest trends this year.

4. Industrial Design

Industrial design has been a major trend this past winter – and something that was incorporated in many spaces by the best interior designers.

The combination of metal, wood and stone (plus various other natural materials) can work great in any area – whether it’s the luxury kitchen space or the reinvented bathroom.

The secret behind industrial design is that it will never go out of style – so choosing copper and gold alloy mixtures as well as top-quality wood is always a wise investment.

5. Custom Interior Design

The ability to customize your own living room furniture is among the biggest trends chosen by the best interior designers.

A lot of new online companies have established themselves as true authorities in this industry – letting every home or business owner handpick the exact colours, shades and styles they want when it comes to furniture.

The generative algorithms and 3D software makes online previewing and ordering a delightful experience.

6. Retro Technology

The retro technology movement started a few years back, when many famous tech brands started to reinvent their gadgets in an old, yet amazingly appealing style that harked back to the good old days.

This is all in order to combine these gadgets with the retro feel of your home and celebrate the times of the early domestic technology in the 1950s and 1960s.

After all, there are a lot of advancements in technology. From a stylized TV to retro-inspired wireless speakers, the perception of what a flat screen TV or a set of speakers should look like has changed.

Homes and most particularly start-up offices benefit from this style and set a unique perspective on their corporate identity. Interior design contractors try to incorporate all of the various styles to the right spaces.

The Final Say

In the end, we can definitely conclude that as the modern life gets busier and more pressured, people try to find their inner sense of peace inside their homes.

Simplicity, serenity and seamlessness are the ‘3 S’ that are popular in the London interior design world – along with the warm but calming colours ready to make these styles pop out in the best way possible.

What You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Good Solicitor

Hiring a solicitor is quite similar to hiring a doctor. The quality of the service provided from a solicitor depends on his or her experience. It is therefore important to know how to go about choosing a solicitor.

A solicitor will take into account one’s personal situation and advise accordingly. Law includes many different areas. This means that a solicitor suitable for one legal issue may be somewhat inexperienced or unqualified to see to another issue, further putting emphasis on the importance of proper selection. Let us look at the considerations one should make before hiring a solicitor in Kent.

Expertise in their chosen field

This is the first consideration that should be made. One should determine whether a solicitor is knowledgeable and has legal expertise in the field of concern, as some lawyers will specialize in one field only, and many not be that experienced in other legal fields. The good thing is that in the legal sector, good reputations precede their owners. Asking around and some research here and there is therefore likely to point one in the right direction.

Professionalism & great people skills

There are some attributes necessary to be successful in any field of law. Eloquence, a quick understanding of the issues at hand, proper people skills and professionalism are some of the few pointers towards a solicitor of excellence.

Agreement of fees & terms

This is a big consideration. The legal fees charged by solicitors in Kent actually vary a great deal. You are going to find rates that range from relatively cheap to exorbitant ones. Settle on a solicitor that fits your wallet. This will take some effort. Some quality research will have to be done especially if one is after a good solicitor who charges fair prices. Find out if the solicitor can present a list of fees and terms of business beforehand, especially if you are worrying if you will be able to pay.

Have they successfully handled cases similar to yours?

The chances of getting good legal counsel go up if one settles on a solicitor who has handled similar cases successfully in the past. This can simply be posed as a question. One can also ask around to find a solicitor with as much experience as possible on the legal issue at hand.


If a solicitor can provide good and reliable references of other clients attended to successfully, it is a good sign. It adds weight to his/her credibility and points out both experience and proficiency.


Worthingtons Solicitors are human beings, and as all human beings, time is a limited resource. Some solicitors in Kent are in such high demand that getting them to commit time to your issue may sometimes be a challenge. Find out if the solicitor will have time to devote to your case to avoid disappointments.

Estimate of times & costs

Always make a point of asking for the estimated time and cost for your case. This will go a long way in helping you decide which solicitor is best suited to your specific needs.

What Office Cleaning and Maintenance Companies Do

Cleanliness is a fundamental aspect of our lives that we must maintain at all times. Whether in our homes or offices, it is important that we clean regularly. When we cannot do the cleaning ourselves, we should find someone who can do it for us.

In an office, the cleaning always needs to be delegated to a professional cleaning company. Nowadays when hiring an office cleaning and maintenance company, you are going to find companies that offer both internal and external cleaning services. Listed below are some of the services that such companies offer.

Floor waxing

Floor waxing not only gives the floor a new shine, but it also protects the floor from getting marks and scratches. Different cleaning companies use different products and methods when doing this. The ultimate goal is to make the floor look polished and clean, and also to make it last longer.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning requires a little more expertise than we imagine. This is where cleaning and maintenance companies come in. They often have trained staff to clean office restrooms in a professional way that leave them as good as new and sanitized. If there are any plumbing problems such companies will also offer maintenance services.

Light bulb replacement

Replacing a light bulb is not rocket science and neither is cleaning one. A broken one can be dangerous. Cleaning and maintenance companies generally instruct their staff to check the bulbs regularly and change them to ensure your safety.

Window cleaning

Nothing can be as ghastly and as depressing as dirty windows. Whether picture windows or multi pane windows, any office cleaning and maintenance company will clean them professionally. They will also replace broken windows and fix any related problem that may arise.

Blind & curtain replacement

Cleaning and maintenance services can regularly clean and replace your office blinds or curtains.

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning carpets can be an extremely tiresome activity because it requires several processes to remove all the dirt and any stains. They require professionals to clean them well in order to get satisfying results and so that they can last longer and prevent them from harbouring dirt, dust and mites which cause sickness.

Tile cleaning

Grout has the potential to collect dirt and stains that are hard to remove by normal washing or hand cleaning alone. These stains can discolor the tiles with time. If your office has tiles, you can hire the services of professionals to ensure they maintain their color.


Cleanliness in the office promotes productivity as it improves workers’ motivation. Whether it is wiping the office desks or washing the floors, to more extensive cleaning or maintenance, there is always a facilities maintenance company to help you out. These companies train their staff so that they can deliver the best services possible. Of course, it will be at a fee, but you will be comfortable knowing that only professionals take care of your office, which can be kept spick and span.

The Advantages of Wearing Sunreaders

With many countries facing harsher climates, with excessive heat, many people are becoming more susceptible to UV rays. Those who suffer from squints find it even harder to deal with the bright sun rays. Drivers face problems when the sun gets directly in their eyes while they are driving. And even though the warm weather encourages us to go outdoors and engage in sports and other outdoor activities, it has become practically impossible to do so without wearing sunglasses as the glare is far too substantial.

This is where sunreaders come into play. Sunreaders are simply put, two pairs of glasses that are included into one. They offer the convenience of carrying just one pair of glasses with you, rather than juggling between readers and sunglasses. Basically these reading sunglasses enable you to engage in outdoor activities or hobbies that may involve close-up work.

There are two types of reading sunglasses. There are the bifocal reading sunglasses and full frame sunreaders. The former have a small area at the bottom of the lens that is tinted. This is a magnifying lens, whereas the upper part is a non-prescription sunglass. The full frame sun readers on the other hand will have all of the lens magnified, allowing for a wider line of vision.

One of the main benefits of sun readers is that they will provide 100% protection against UV rays. These glasses will give you proper vision and shade while keeping your eyes safe from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

If you are going to read or do some form of close up work while you are outdoors and exposed to the sun’s rays, you need sun readers. Without them you will end up straining your eyes and squinting so as to try and see clearly while blocking the glare, which is often quite impossible when considering the intensity of the sun’s rays, especially in some countries who have very hot summers.

It is also much simpler to have just one pair of glasses, rather than carrying two, or trying to put your sunglasses over your reading glasses. It is not only frustrating but also uncomfortable and impractical. With sun readers you can focus as well as look around you, and still maintain a clear vision. Sun reading glasses can offer convenience, protection and practicality. It is thus important that you make sure that you choose a durable pair that can offer you lasting comfort and usability. There are various types available on the market and so you are going to have several styles to choose from.

With sun readers you will be able to reduce eye strain, which would in the long run effect your eyesight negatively. It could also lead to considerable fatigue and headaches as well. All in all sun readers are thus not only convenient but also highly protective, and they will help to prolong your vision.

Advantages of the MAG 250 Set-Top Box to Watch UK TV Overseas

Television is one of the most popular ways for most people around the world to get their entertainment fix. Having a TV set was once a status symbol but it has now become a basic need in almost every house.

Over time, television has evolved to be more than just an entertainment avenue. It has permeated urban life to the point that most people feel hard done when in places where the access to the TV services that they are used to, are not possible.

The MAG 250 set top box provides the perfect, practical solution for this problem. It enables the viewing of UK TV stations practically from anywhere in the world. In this manner, keeping tabs with news, sports, entertainment and movies is not something to be forfeited just because you are away from your home. The MAG 250 set top box will therefore make you feel at home anywhere in the world.

This is actually the one big reason behind its popularity. It is common to find foreign hotels and accommodation facilities with these set top boxes installed to attract and cater for the UK clientele. There’s also many reputable providers for home use such as DemandUKTV.

The MAG 250 set top box also doubles up as a media player. This means that through it, one has the ability to access and view content from personal media storage items such as memory sticks, an external hard disk, a laptop and the like. This is a functionality that can come in handy for media addicts and enthusiasts; especially those who carry them around. It also means more convenience as those who are into video workouts such as Zumba and Pilates do not have to worry about missing their work outs when away from home.

This set top box comes with a warranty and a good customer care service too. The warranty lasts for up to two years which offers peace of mind in case of any inherent issue in the set top box.

The set top box needs no servicing. It uses IPTV technology, meaning that the necessary servicing such as firmware updates are done automatically. This translates to less hassle on the owners part. IPTV is simply television over the internet. This means that the set top box requires internet connectivity, which can be a challenge in some remote regions.

The set top box is compatible with Wi-Fi routers. If you have Wi-Fi, all you will have to do is buy the necessary adapter or connect the box to the router via an Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi gives the option to reduce cable clutter and have a clean entertainment space. Moreover, the MAG 250 set top box is very easy to install.

Installation instructions are well explained on the accompanying manual plus the necessary precautions and safety measures when operating the box.

What is the difference between VPN & Smart DNS?

Choosing the right solution to access UK TV

The Virtual Private Network or VPN software has been around for quite some time now and it enables people to stream down television programs from streaming services. Setting it up is quite easy. The person needs a VPN software program and there are many alternatives available on the market. Each of these VPN software programs differs in some respect and so it is necessary to be sure about the VPN software program that is eventually bought.

Once the VPN software is bought, the next step obviously is to install it. The third step is to log in. Finally it is necessary to indicate the country where the streaming is desired.

Two factors that are crucial while selecting any VPN software are its speed and its security features. VPN software programs are usually slow. However, some of these tools are able to offer exceptional privacy in an environment that is fraught with danger to privacy. In fact, speed is reduced because of encryption to make the person streaming it untraceable.

A factor that often gets overlooked in case of VPN is its reliability. This is because 99 percent of uptime is guaranteed in most of the cases.

The problem with VPN tools is that they are expensive. Such costs are inevitable because the tools have to be further refined and such refinement is a continuous process. With each new attempt to invade privacy, the tool needs to be additionally equipped. Similarly new hardware and software specifications as well as other technologies that periodically surface need to be considered while refining the VPN tool.

Smart DNS is different. As the name suggests this is a domain name system in which software and hardware work to provide the desired networking. The primary job of DNS is to translate the domain name supplied by the user into a numeric format that corresponds with the IP address of the place where the information resides. Similarly IP addresses of hostnames are also translated into the specific computer systems and Internet resources.

Because of such networking Smart DNS is faster. But the other reason for Smart DNS’ speed is lack of security. There are simply no measures taken to prevent privacy invasion. Apart from a better speed than VPN, Smart DNS also scores on the stability factor thanks to the way it is networked. VPN certainly lacks there because of which there may be connection problems. Disconnections are frequent with the VPN tool but with Smart DNS the movie or television programs can be watched without such breaks.

Another advantage of Smart DNS is that it is not necessary to install the tool even if more devices are to be used for streaming. Changes in Network settings that are built in would suffice.

There are methods to improve on VPN’s stability, but they do not offer as trouble free streaming as is possible with Smart DNS.

Smart DNS, however, is not as easy to install and set up as VPN. The procedure is a tad more complex in the case of Smart DNS. For installing and setting up Smart DNS the user would have to make some networking changes manually. However, changes that are needed on the computer are taken care of by the UK Smart DNS software. The user would also have to go to the Client area to change the IP address. Obviously when the IP address changes, the tool would not work until the relevant changes are made.

Cactus can implement those changes automatically. It can also change the code as needed on the DNS-WRT router.

There can be reliability and privacy issues with Smart DNS depending upon the change in the IP address by ISP. But the speed, consistency in connectivity, price and ability to use it on multiple devices definitely tilt the balance in its favour.