6 Amazing Trends Recommended by the Best Interior Designers

Let’s face it – every homeowner nowadays wants a home that stands out and is tailored to his own choices and personal preferences.

Achieving this in the right perspective is very important.

However, interior designers are the people that help to make most of your budget in this manner.

We all know that not all budgets are the same.

Most people can’t afford to invest in a professional interior designer’s advice for their home or business and would be more likely to consider moving home instead.

However, today, we are unleashing some of the ideas that are commonly used by interior designers that really work.

So, what are the top interior design trends right now?

1. Invest in New Elements

Although luxury refurbishments are a great idea, investing in brand new modern and sleek elements makes sure that your house gets the uniform look you want.

From fresh paints to amazing furniture ideas, residential architecture is booming currently.

The best style to stick to is the contemporary one – as recommended by the best interior designers.

2. Choosing the Right Window Dressings

Windows have always been important, and without a proper decor – they are only square pieces of glass.

Curtains are easily the most visible fabric in every room, and their popularity has come back again.

So, if you need to refresh your bedroom for example, you can try a mint wall paint and curtains in the same colour.

On the exterior, window shutters are an amazing low cost option that adds character to the property’s kerb appeal and can really help your home “pop” from the street.

3. Tweak the Lighting

Good lighting is a must in every room.

LED Lighting is a very popular trend nowadays – as it saves money in terms of energy usage plus it comes with remarkably good quality.

In reality, nothing works better for any room than good lighting, and it can be the single most essential factor that changes the space in a room.

Most of the interior designers give priority to lighting and play with the tones of lights and how each of them creates a new kind of appeal.

Warm lights and pendant lamps are among the biggest trends this year.

Modern Apartment Interior

4. Industrial Design

Industrial design has been a major trend this past winter – and something that was incorporated in many spaces by the best interior designers.

The combination of metal, wood and stone (plus various other natural materials) can work great in any area – whether it’s the luxury kitchen space or the reinvented bathroom.

The secret behind industrial design is that it will never go out of style – so choosing copper and gold alloy mixtures as well as top-quality wood is always a wise investment.

5. Custom Interior Design

The ability to customize your own living room furniture is among the biggest trends chosen by the best interior designers.

A lot of new online companies have established themselves as true authorities in this industry – letting every home or business owner handpick the exact colours, shades and styles they want when it comes to furniture.

The generative algorithms and 3D software makes online previewing and ordering a delightful experience.

6. Retro Technology

The retro technology movement started a few years back, when many famous tech brands started to reinvent their gadgets in an old, yet amazingly appealing style that harked back to the good old days.

This is all in order to combine these gadgets with the retro feel of your home and celebrate the times of the early domestic technology in the 1950s and 1960s.

After all, there are a lot of advancements in technology. From a stylized TV to retro-inspired wireless speakers, the perception of what a flat screen TV or a set of speakers should look like has changed.

Homes and most particularly start-up offices benefit from this style and set a unique perspective on their corporate identity.

Interior design contractors try to incorporate all of the various styles to the right spaces.

The Final Say

In the end, we can definitely conclude that as the modern life gets busier and more pressured, people try to find their inner sense of peace inside their homes.

Simplicity, serenity and seamlessness are the ‘3 S’ that are popular in the London interior design world – along with the warm but calming colours ready to make these styles pop out in the best way possible.