How to modernise your kitchen by changing the hardware and handles

Transform your cabinets with new modern handles

Your cabinet handles and drawer knobs may be the smallest items in your kitchen, but they have their own aesthetic value, not to mention a functional one. The hardware that keeps all the doors and drawers in place are another important element in a kitchen’s look and feel and go a long way to fulfilling high end kitchen makeovers of even the most ardent of interior designers.

When something goes wrong with any of the hardware such as the hinges or handles, you tend to get irritated because the whole door is affected. So even if these items are really small and sometimes not that noticeable, they do matter.

Old Style Handles Make A Kitchen Look Dated. Image credit: Pinterest

Therefore when it comes to upgrading your kitchen hardware, you should consider the importance of the hinge mechanisms, handles and knobs. Changing these could have a considerable positive impact on your kitchen. Obviously if you also decide to paint the doors or replace them with new ones, the new look is going to be even more substantial and evident.

Start by counting how many handles and knobs you need to replace, and buy some extras to make sure that you have spares for the future. It is also a good idea to take the current ones, as well as the hardware with you so as to use them as guidance when you go shopping for the new ones, mostly to ensure the fittings and holes all line up correctly.

You may also wish to take a piece of wood or material from the cupboards with you, or from the countertop, if you really want to match the colour perfectly.

When shopping for new handles and knobs do take into account their usability, how easy it is to grip them, and if they are durable enough. Certain cupboards and drawers in your kitchen are opened several times a day, and so resistance and longevity are important considerations. Also, take into account whether they can be cleaned easily. If they have several intricate carvings, they may not be that suitable for a kitchen cupboard where they will end up amassing grime and dirt easily!

Modern Handles Can Transform an Older Kitchen. Image credit: Fresh Design Pedia

One of the most important considerations when it comes to changing hardware and handles are their sizes and where the holes are. The spacing from one hole to another is also to be noted when you buy the new ones. This may seem as a minor thing but in reality it will save you a lot of problems when you start to attach them to the doors and drawers. A handle jig may come in very handy when you want to speed things up and ensure accuracy.

It is important to mark where each will go, and to attach temporarily at first. This will ensure optimal positioning.

If you have doorknobs with just one screw it is a good idea to apply some thread sealant before you wind on the knobs. This helps to prevent them from unwinding themselves over time, as they have a tendency to do this.

Even though it is best to choose handles that are of the same size and with the same holes as your current ones, you may have your heart set on different ones, which also vary in size and holes. When you replace door handles with new ones that are of a different size you will need to make sure to hide the previous holes. Timber holes thus will need to be filled in carefully with tinted putty that matches the colour of the doors or drawers.

After the putty has dried well, sand and remove excess filler. Finally touch up the filled area, and move on to drill holes to fit the new handles’ or knobs’ screws. Repeat for all the handles and knobs and then enjoy the new look of your kitchen!

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