The Key Advantages of Owning a Carport

Keep Your Cars Clean & Dry with a Timber Carport

A carport is a building that provides shelter and cover for your vehicle. Your vehicle should enjoy the benefits of protection from the elements after all a vehicle is a pricey investment. A carport is a structure that can be built from a variety of materials including wood, PVC, metals and other building materials. It provides the advantages of a garage and is much more cost effective in building one. Within this specialised article we will showcase the top 10 advantages that people appreciate by using a carport. We will give you as much information as possible to help you to make the best choice when choosing a carport.

The very first advantage is the fact that a carport protects your vehicle from the elements. A carport can protect your vehicle from harmful summer rays that would fade your paint, winter snows, hailstones and rains. Carports use a roof and some variations also have walls. Most if not all carports are not usually enclosed but there are always different options available.

Carports Make a Great Place for Covered Gatherings Such as Barbecues. Image credit: Au Sur Mesure

A carport offers extra added safety. Pulling up into a carport rather then parking below on the street is a much more safe option. A carport sits close to the home which is a great added security feature.

While we are on the topic of safety, having your car housed by a car canopy can give it added protection from theft or vandalism. A burglar or would be criminal may be less inclined to enter your carport because it is close to your house. A burglar would not want the added risk of breaking into a carport and would more then likely to steal from a vehicle parked out on the street for a quick getaway.

You can also always use a carport as an additional outdoor space. You can enjoy the great outdoors without the heat or rain with the coverage a carport can offer you. You are only limited by your imagination and there are many different things you can do to a carport to make it the ultimate additional outside area. All that is limiting you is your creativity.

Carports Are Particularly Popular with Boat Owners. Image credit: More Space Patios

You can also use your carport to store your other vehicles. You can use your carport for such things as campers, motorcycles, boats, off-road vehicles, and other forms of transportation that you want protected from the elements. It saves you the inconvenience of parking your other vehicles down on the street and offers them that added sense of security by being closer to your house under your watchful eye.

Another advantage of a carport is that you can use them as a shaded area for children to play or as an outdoor location where you can host family bbq’s and get togethers with friends. They allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors with the option of a covered area that provides you with both shade and protection from the elements like snow, rain and hailstones.

If you choose to install a carport that showcases walls you can use this extra space as a storage unit for your boxes and other things taking up room within your house. This is also an excellent area that you can turn into a working area where you can store your tools for your vehicles as well as tools for the garden and over all home up keep like gardening equipment.

Most timber framed carports do not have walls or doors. This makes it a lot easier and convenient getting into your home with hands full of groceries from recent shopping trips. Another benefit of a carport is that unlike a garage, they do not require electric energy which saves you an added necessary expense.

If your home does not have a garage and you are trying to sell it, prospective buyers may be more open to purchasing your home if you use a carport. They will have the opportunity to store their boat, motorcycle, car, caravan and other vehicles on property rather then on the street, which can be a huge selling point.

Lastly a carport can provide you with added storage space and keeps you from having to pay a third party to store your goods.

Before you go ahead with building a carport or installing a prefabricated carport, be sure to check with your local real estate laws and zoning ordinances so you know what is and is not allowed in your area. Some communities will require that you have permits and planning consent from the local authority. You can always build a carport that will resemble and blend in with the architecture of your home. You can use almost any kind of building material ranging from wood, brick, metal, siding or plastics. Be sure to consult with professionals and do your research before you take the next step in building or purchasing a carport. One thing that is guaranteed is that they offer added value to your home and are an excellent feature that we recommend.


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