Why Choosing the Right Exhibition Stand Contractor is Critical to Trade Show Success

You will want to find the best exhibition stand contractor who can listen to what you need to be done that can create an exhibition stand that meets your needs and both captures and defines your organisation and branding. Being able to engage and communicate with your customers the benefits of your product and to impress them is vitally important.

Questions You Should Ask Your Exhibition Stand Contractor

When choosing an experienced and qualified exhibition stand designer, there is a list of questions you should ask to guarantee you are finding a reliable provider with the right credentials. Within this article is outlined a list of questions you will want to ask followed by the most common answers.

Question: What kind of graphic design does your company offer?

Answer: Graphic design is an incredibly important part of an exhibition stand and they can sometimes be overlooked by a design team. At a trade show, you only have a split second to capture an attendees’ attention. The overall design of your graphics and structure of your booth is of utmost importance for marketing impact.

Question: Can I reconfigure the design of my exhibition stand?

Answer: Some exhibition booths feature components and pieces that can be completely modified while other exhibits are completely unchangeable. In order to accommodate various needs for sizing and space, your exhibition booth should be flexible for this. It’s best suited to choose an exhibit stand that has some built-in ability to move and be changed. Knowing if your exhibit will be reconfigurable and whether or not it can be used at different trade shows is an integral piece of information you will need to know.

Question: How will the trade stand be shipped and packaged for delivery?

Answer: You will want to know ahead of time with a trade show stand designer whether or not your stand will be checked, oversized or considered as carry-on luggage. If you are able to ship your exhibit by yourself as luggage you could end up saving money on shipping fees. If you are able to choose how your exhibition booth will be shipped will give you advance knowledge of any possible challenges, concerns or any limits. You will also want to inquire about the building materials used to lower the weight and associated costs. Having a lighter exhibition stand means fewer shipping fees and you should inform your designer of this need in the planning stages.

Question: How much are labour fees and areĀ  they be included in the quote?

Answer: Depending on your exhibition stand designs you may require labourers and tools whereas sometimes you may not. Hiring labour staff may cost more time and money. Be sure to ask about what is needed and any additional charges you may be billed separately if not initially quoted.

Question: How much will my exhibition stand weigh?

Answer: When it comes to knowing the actual weight of your exhibition stand you will have a greater understanding of the logistics costs associated with delivery and setup. Modular stands are a preferred choice for their light-weight building materials that are used and they use less design experimentation. However, custom exhibition stands always win over more people and offer more design flexibility and options. Depending on your budget requirements you will have to discuss this question with your booth designer.

Question: What is the delivery TAT for the exhibit?

Answer: Having all of your questions answered is important because knowing ahead of time what to expect and have a clear vision and thought process is essential for trade show success. If the exhibition stand delivery TAT is not on time, how would you expect to achieve your return on investment goals for your organisation?

Be sure to speak with your booth design team and confirm in advance the amount of time that will be needed to completely assemble and build your exhibit so everything works smoothly.

Question: How will you furnish the trade booth and how much will it cost?

Answer: Sometimes when you are speaking with trade show design companies they will promise a fully-furnished atmosphere but instead delivery incredibly low-end furniture. You do not want to have cheap furniture because it will put a strain on your organisation’s image and branding effect. Be sure to ask the exhibition stand contractors in advance what they plan on using to furnish your booth and to give you examples clearly beforehand.

Asking these questions can guarantee a successful exhibition booth design that will gain attention and engage attendees. Be sure to ask this list of questions to find the best booth design, team.