What is the difference between VPN & Smart DNS?

Choosing the right solution to access UK TV

The Virtual Private Network or VPN software has been around for quite some time now and it enables people to stream down television programs from streaming services. Setting it up is quite easy. The person needs a VPN software program and there are many alternatives available on the market. Each of these VPN software programs differs in some respect and so it is necessary to be sure about the VPN software program that is eventually bought.

Once the VPN software is bought, the next step obviously is to install it. The third step is to log in. Finally it is necessary to indicate the country where the streaming is desired.

Two factors that are crucial while selecting any VPN software are its speed and its security features. VPN software programs are usually slow. However, some of these tools are able to offer exceptional privacy in an environment that is fraught with danger to privacy. In fact, speed is reduced because of encryption to make the person streaming it untraceable.

A factor that often gets overlooked in case of using a VPN to access UK TV is its reliability. This is because 99 percent of uptime is guaranteed in most of the cases.

The problem with VPN tools is that they are expensive. Such costs are inevitable because the tools have to be further refined and such refinement is a continuous process. With each new attempt to invade privacy, the tool needs to be additionally equipped. Similarly new hardware and software specifications as well as other technologies that periodically surface need to be considered while refining the VPN tool.

Smart DNS is different. As the name suggests this is a domain name system in which software and hardware work to provide the desired networking. The primary job of DNS is to translate the domain name supplied by the user into a numeric format that corresponds with the IP address of the place where the information resides. Similarly IP addresses of hostnames are also translated into the specific computer systems and Internet resources.

Because of such networking Smart DNS is faster. But the other reason for Smart DNS’ speed is lack of security. There are simply no measures taken to prevent privacy invasion. Apart from a better speed than VPN, Smart DNS also scores on the stability factor thanks to the way it is networked. VPN certainly lacks there because of which there may be connection problems. Disconnections are frequent with the VPN tool but with Smart DNS the movie or television programs can be watched without such breaks.

Another advantage of Smart DNS is that it is not necessary to install the tool even if more devices are to be used for streaming. Changes in Network settings that are built in would suffice.

There are methods to improve on VPN’s stability, but they do not offer as trouble free streaming as is possible with Smart DNS.

Smart DNS, however, is not as easy to install and set up as VPN. The procedure is a tad more complex in the case of Smart DNS. For installing and setting up Smart DNS the user would have to make some networking changes manually. However, changes that are needed on the computer are taken care of by the UK Smart DNS software. The user would also have to go to the Client area to change the IP address. Obviously when the IP address changes, the tool would not work until the relevant changes are made.

Cactus can implement those changes automatically. It can also change the code as needed on the DNS-WRT router.

There can be reliability and privacy issues with Smart DNS depending upon the change in the IP address by ISP. But the speed, consistency in connectivity, price and ability to use it on multiple devices definitely tilt the balance in its favour.