What Office Cleaning and Maintenance Companies Do

Cleanliness is a fundamental aspect of our lives that we must maintain at all times. Whether in our homes or offices, it is important that we clean regularly. When we cannot do the cleaning ourselves, we should find someone who can do it for us.

In an office, the cleaning always needs to be delegated to a professional cleaning company. Nowadays when hiring an office cleaning and maintenance company, you are going to find companies that offer both internal and external cleaning services. Listed below are some of the services that such companies offer.

Floor waxing

Floor waxing not only gives the floor a new shine, but it also protects the floor from getting marks and scratches. Different cleaning companies use different products and methods when doing this. The ultimate goal is to make the floor look polished and clean, and also to make it last longer.

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning requires a little more expertise than we imagine. This is where cleaning and maintenance companies come in. They often have trained staff to clean office restrooms in a professional way that leave them as good as new and sanitized. If there are any plumbing problems such companies will also offer maintenance services.

Light bulb replacement

Replacing a light bulb is not rocket science and neither is cleaning one. A broken one can be dangerous. Cleaning and maintenance companies generally instruct their staff to check the bulbs regularly and change them to ensure your safety.

Window cleaning

Nothing can be as ghastly and as depressing as dirty windows. Whether picture windows or multi pane windows, any office cleaning and maintenance company will clean them professionally. They will also replace broken windows and fix any related problem that may arise.

Blind & curtain replacement

Cleaning and maintenance services can regularly clean and replace your office blinds or curtains.

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning carpets can be an extremely tiresome activity because it requires several processes to remove all the dirt and any stains. They require professionals to clean them well in order to get satisfying results and so that they can last longer and prevent them from harbouring dirt, dust and mites which cause sickness.

Tile cleaning

Grout has the potential to collect dirt and stains that are hard to remove by normal washing or hand cleaning alone. These stains can discolor the tiles with time. If your office has tiles, you can hire the services of professionals to ensure they maintain their color.


Cleanliness in the office promotes productivity as it improves workers’ motivation. Whether it is wiping the office desks or washing the floors, to more extensive cleaning or maintenance, there is always a facilities maintenance company to help you out. These companies train their staff so that they can deliver the best services possible. Of course, it will be at a fee, but you will be comfortable knowing that only professionals take care of your office, which can be kept spick and span.