What You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Good Solicitor

Hiring a solicitor is quite similar to hiring a doctor. The quality of the service provided from a solicitor depends on his or her experience. It is therefore important to know how to go about choosing a solicitor.

A solicitor will take into account one’s personal situation and advise accordingly. Law includes many different areas. This means that a solicitor suitable for one legal issue may be somewhat inexperienced or unqualified to see to another issue, further putting emphasis on the importance of proper selection. Let us look at the considerations one should make before hiring a solicitor in Kent.

Expertise in their chosen field

This is the first consideration that should be made. One should determine whether a solicitor is knowledgeable and has legal expertise in the field of concern, as some lawyers will specialize in one field only, and many not be that experienced in other legal fields. The good thing is that in the legal sector, good reputations precede their owners. Asking around and some research here and there is therefore likely to point one in the right direction.

Professionalism & great people skills

There are some attributes necessary to be successful in any field of law. Eloquence, a quick understanding of the issues at hand, proper people skills and professionalism are some of the few pointers towards a solicitor of excellence.

Agreement of fees & terms

This is a big consideration. The legal fees charged by solicitors in Kent actually vary a great deal. You are going to find rates that range from relatively cheap to exorbitant ones. Settle on a solicitor that fits your wallet. This will take some effort. Some quality research will have to be done especially if one is after a good solicitor who charges fair prices. Find out if the solicitor can present a list of fees and terms of business beforehand, especially if you are worrying if you will be able to pay.

Have they successfully handled cases similar to yours?

The chances of getting good legal counsel go up if one settles on a solicitor who has handled similar cases successfully in the past. This can simply be posed as a question. One can also ask around to find a solicitor with as much experience as possible on the legal issue at hand.


If a solicitor can provide good and reliable references of other clients attended to successfully, it is a good sign. It adds weight to his/her credibility and points out both experience and proficiency.


Worthingtons Solicitors are human beings, and as all human beings, time is a limited resource. Some solicitors in Kent are in such high demand that getting them to commit time to your issue may sometimes be a challenge. Find out if the solicitor will have time to devote to your case to avoid disappointments.

Estimate of times & costs

Always make a point of asking for the estimated time and cost for your case. This will go a long way in helping you decide which solicitor is best suited to your specific needs.